Learn Typing Quick & Easy

Learn Typing Quick & Easy 17.2

Helps users learn or improve their keyboard typing

Learn Typing Quick & Easy is, as the name implies, a software program that helps users to learn how to type better and faster. So, either you're new into computers or just want to upgrade your typing skills, this software can help you achieve your target.

Its interface looks outdated and resembles those from the early 2000s. The menu is intuitive but its navigation is mostly sluggish and the buttons look awful. One pro is the low usage of system resources.

Once you start using its functionalities, you discover that they're well implemented despite the awful appearance of the UI. It has customized lessons depending on the user level, timed and non-timed tests, over 250 practice articles, and more than 50 music soundtracks.
When you've finished your exercises, the application provides an in-depth analysis of your performance that will help you discover where you need to improve.
Moreover, it includes games that make learning fun and tool to create personalized lessons using your own material.

In conclusion, Learn Typing Quick & Easy is a decent software tool for learning or upgrading your typing skills. Yes, you may have to pay a price to use it but it will definitely improve your typing skills.

John Saunders
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Review summary


  • Has multiple typing levels
  • Lets users customize lessons
  • Comes with more than 250 learning articles


  • The buttons look awful
  • Has a poorly designed interface
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